November 26, 2015

Supplementing with Nitric Oxide

“Pump” your muscles with the help of Nitric Oxide!

There is no doubt that achieving a strong vein-swelling pump is very satisfactory, yet do you that this strange pumping feeling helps the muscle to develop? Also, did you know that another way to achieve this feeling is by using a nitric oxide booster? There is no doubt that time spent in the gym could make anyone addicted to that pumping feeling. Also, when this feeling is followed by fast and correct muscle development, the gym practically owns you! nitric-oxide-supplement

Now let’s have a look at these nitric oxide boosters to see how they work as great benefits.

Nitric oxide supplements are probably the most popular fitness supplements of our days. Nitric oxide is a colorless gas that can be found in the tissues of all mammals. It is in fact a natural vasodilator of smooth (not skeletal) muscle. Nitric oxide is also responsible for the cell-to-cell communication of some metabolic functions.

This is in fact how it is used by the human body to communicate with other body cells. The natural nitric oxide in the human body lasts on its own just only briefly. Luckily, there is an analog that produces it, and this is the amino acid called Arginine (l-arginine).

This gas controls the circulation of blood and is able to increase the blood flow. Furthermore, it sends the signals between nerve cells, serving to deliver more nourishment to muscle cells, helping the muscles to increase in size when under stress (that “pumped” feeling mentioned earlier). These are the pumps that bodybuilders always seek when they are lifting weights. In a similar way the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) prescription drugs work, to increase blood flow towards the penis.

How to supplement with Nitric Oxide Supplements

Try a nitric oxide supplement for 6 weeks and determine if it suits you. After 2 weeks of using it, you will feel a “pump” after working out. You’ll be reminded of this feeling throughout the day, since you’ll continue to feel “pumped.” In case you don’t feel as descibeed and want to head back to the gym each morning of trying a nitric oxide supplement for 6 weeks, try a different one. It might take a while until you get that “good” feeling, but if you have found the perfect product for you, then you can stick to your chosen nitric oxide generator for a long time, without any problem. nitric-oxide-supplements

Also, possible side effects of nitric oxide need to be mentioned. While nobody has witnessed any serious health side effects of nitric oxide supplementation, dizziness, some unexplained fatigue, headaches or diarrhea might occur. These are in fact symptoms of too much arginine and they will easily dissapear when reducing the amount of arginine consumed.

Even though nitric oxide is produced naturally by the human body, and life without it is impossible, most people’s bodies don’t manufacture enough nitric oxide to attain optimal health. The ugly truth is that the older we get, the less nitric oxide our bodies produce. Nitric oxide supplementation is the answer everybody has been waiting for; either they are looking for that amazing “pump” or just want to remain healthy.

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